Hardeen Chronology – The Player, January 31 1913 — BOSTON LETTER

Another entry for the Hardeen Chronology. On January 31, 1913 the Player wrote that Hardeen would appear in 2 weeks in Lowell Massachusetts at the Bowdoin Square Theater.

Hardeen , the Handcuff King , who was on the bill , never played to a more appreciative audience . An artist who can attract the youngsters is always sure of being able to please the elders . Hardeen has cancelled western bookings in order to play Lowell this week and the Bowdoin Square theater next week . Chicago will be visited by the handcuff wizard in a fortnight .

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From Google Maps today
Bowdoin Square theater

Unfortunately the theater no longer stands today.

Picture of the Bowdoin Square Theater from cinematreasures.org

The Player February 14, 1913 Hardeen at the Chicago Palace Theatre this week!

Adding more to the Hardeen Chronology. Here is an article printed on February 14, 1913. Hardeen “The Handcuff King” appeared at the Orpheum “The Palace Theatre” in Chicago IL. The Palace unfortunately does not stand today.

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Hardeen at Palace

The Palace music hall holds a bill of exceptional merit this week . All acts are up to the standard and have pleased the patrons of the house who have attended the performances this week . A Grand Opera trio composed of Giuseppe Campanari , Mme. Langori , and Maestro F . Tanara are the headline attraction . The balance of the bill is made up of Hardeen , The Handcuff King ; Eva , Taylor , Melville & Higgans , Phina and her Picks , Charles Olcott , Stewart & McNeil , and – the Berg Brothers . On Feb . 17 the Palace will secure first privileges on the new Edison invention , The Kinetophone . This will be its first Chicago appearance .

Palace Theatre, Chicago, ca. 1914
4825 S. Ashland Avenue,
 Chicago, IL 60609
Photo credit: cinematreasures.org
The original site today
Palace Theatre
Palace Theatre 1908
Photo credit: cinematreasures.org