New York Clipper September 28, 1907 – Hardeen in Louisville KY

Hardeen Chronology – In 1907 Hardeen returned from Europe to tour America under an engagement with Klaw and Erlanger as the featured act. He appeared at the Mary Anderson Theatre the week of September 16th 1907. The Theatre was under the management of Max Fabish. On September 26th Hardeen did his first bridge jump into the Ohio River from the 18th Street Bridge. Hardeen was then re-engaged for another week.

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Mary Anderson (Max Fabish manager). Packed houses greeted a fine vaudeville bill week of 16. Hardeen ,. jail breaker and handcuff expert; was the headliner and made a big impression. New people for week 23: Hardeen (re-engaged).

An illustration of the Mary Anderson Theatre
Marc Klaw
Abraham Lincoln Erlanger
Max Fabish
Images of Hardeen from my own copy of “The life and History of Hardeen”
Images of Hardeen from my own copy of “The life and History of Hardeen”
The original location of the Mary Anderson Theatre

Hardeen Chronology – The Player, January 31 1913 — BOSTON LETTER

Another entry for the Hardeen Chronology. On January 31, 1913 the Player wrote that Hardeen would appear in 2 weeks in Lowell Massachusetts at the Bowdoin Square Theater.

Hardeen , the Handcuff King , who was on the bill , never played to a more appreciative audience . An artist who can attract the youngsters is always sure of being able to please the elders . Hardeen has cancelled western bookings in order to play Lowell this week and the Bowdoin Square theater next week . Chicago will be visited by the handcuff wizard in a fortnight .

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From Google Maps today
Bowdoin Square theater

Unfortunately the theater no longer stands today.

Picture of the Bowdoin Square Theater from

Hardeen Chronology -Cambridge Tribune March 27 1909 — Keith’s Theatre in Boston

Another entry for the Hardeen Chronology. On March 27th 1909 The Cambridge Tribune reported that Hardeen would appear at Keith’s Theatre week of March 29th 1909 in Boston.

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Hardeen, the handcuff king, who is now doing feats that are said to surpass anything formerly done in this line, as he escapes from trunks, straight-Jackets and especially devised apparatus for holding prisoners.

Hardeen Chronology -March 13 1909 – Keith’s Theatre in Rhode Island

Another entry for the Hardeen Chronology. March 13th 1909 The New York Clipper reported that Hardeen would appear at Keith’s Theatre week of the 15th. Keith’s was in Pawtucket Rhode Island. I did some research and found that it was called Keith’s Bijou and was on 30 Broad Street in Pawtucket. Unfortunately the building was demolished.

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From the New York Clipper
Keith’s Bijou Theatre 30 Broad Street,
 Pawtucket, RI

Credits: Picture of Keith’s Bijou Cinema Treasures, Current view of Broad Street Google Maps.

The Theodore Hardeen Chronology

Introducing the Hardeen Chronology. I have included this new page in the menu above.

This is a first draft of a timeline using several sources and it is pretty rough so bare with me as this takes shape. I will continue to update and improve it as I discover more about Hardeen. I also plan to list all of the sources I have used so far. I’m hoping my new series that is about to launch on the Conjurers Monthly Magazine will provide even more details about Hardeen’s exploits in Europe.

If anyone has something to add or correct please comment here or email me at and include your source of information.