San Diego Coronado Eagle and Journal February 10, 1917 – Cat pulls a “Hardeen”

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This article was written prior Hardeen’s appearance in San Diego the week of January 27 1917, the Coronado Eagle printed this story about a cat pulling a “Hardeen” (Not the usual “Pulled a Houdini!”).


Hardeen, the handcuff king, has nothing on Ignatz No. 1 cat of Coronado. The neighbors complained « of Ig’s proclivities in the noise line, and the row he kicked up during the still small hours, and the Health officer asked us to kindly keep him muzzled or something so the neighbors could sleep. We put him in an old kitchen coop, and Ig. went out through a hole about as big as a dollar and a half, and came right up and wanted something to eat. Next we put him in another coop, and he got out before we turned around.’ The next evening we put him in a barrel, with a big heavy box on top, and in a few minutes he was out howling again. We put him back into the barrel, with a 150 pound weight on top, and Father bet $10 that he wouldn’t get out, but when we went the next morning to let him get out and enjoy the fog Ig. was gone. He had gnawed a stave of the barrel, actual size 2% inches wide, and squeezed out • through the hole. I guess the only thing to do is to get a steel cage and put him in it. Meantime, we hope the neighbors will be patient, ’cause we don’t want Ig. to annoy anybody, but as we have paid the license fee as made and provided by law, we claim its protection, and don’t propose to see the cat shot down in cold blood, on our own lot, just because he feels the call of the wild. The female cats should be tied up and kept from annoying the males, and then this nightly concert. business would he stopped. Incidentally, we have learned the names of several owners of cats who have not complied with the ordinance regarding the purchase of’a license, and unless they have paid the license by next week the names will be published in our cat column. Owners of dogs who have failed to conme through will have a column of their own. We want to help the Marshal. Besides, we feel that the ordinances apply to all, and should be respected by all alike. If publicity will help, we will furnish it. Viola!

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