January 18 1917 Hardeen returns to LA Pantages Next Week

On January 18, 1917 the Los Angeles Herald reported that the “Handcuff King” Hardeen will return to Pantages Theatre. Read the article below.

I have uncovered some other newspaper articles about Hardeen’s week at Pantages in LA that I will be sharing soon.

Los Angeles Herald January 18 1917

Hardeen. the handcuff king, who will again be a feature at Pantages next week, issues a challenge to the police department, the shipping departments of any Los Angeles business concern or any person that thinks they can produce manacles or can build a box that will hold him. He will allow himself to be nailed in, handcuffed and manacled, the box locked and tied with ropes, and will release himself in an Incredibly short length of time. The challenge is open to all and acceptances will be received at Pantages theater. Hardeen will be accompanied by a bill of excellent variety, among the acts being John T. Doyle and company, Joe Whitehead, Wood, Melville and Phillips, Howard and Ross and the Asaki Japs. 

ca 1916 Night view of the Pantages Theatre at 534 N. Broadway.
 ca 1917 – View showing the first Pantages Theatre, located at 534 S. Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles.
Current Google Map View today

1916 and 1917 pictures of Pantages found at the Water and Power Associates web site. Current picture from Google Maps.

8 thoughts on “January 18 1917 Hardeen returns to LA Pantages Next Week

      1. OMG, I’m an idiot. Do you see what’s right next door? It’s the old Clune movie theater where The Master Mystery played. I went downtown and took a pic of that, yet somehow I did not see that the building next door said “Pantages” on it! *facepalm*


      2. Yea I noticed in some of the old pics that Clunes was next to it. That’s great you were right in front of Pantages and didn’t know it! I guess you need to make another trip downtown!


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