One year after Houdini’s Death – The Sphinx October 1927 Featuring Hardeen

Going through some of my collection I came upon a picture of Hardeen I don’t recall ever seeing before. This is the October 1927 edition of the Sphinx the official publication for S.A.M. (Society of American Magicians).

Hardeen was featured on the Front cover with a small article about Hardeen’s upcoming shows and a photo of him standing with Dr. A.M. Wilson the editor of The Sphinx. This was published 1 year after his brother Houdini had died on October 31st 1926.

Those in Houdini circles know that Houdini and Wilson had a rough start when Houdini joined S.A.M. Houdini felt that Wilson had “Snubbed” him by not including stories about his latest feats as the Handcuff King, so Houdini came up with his own magazine called “The Conjurers’ Monthly Magazine”. Years later the two men made amends and became close friends.

Hardeen went on to become the President of S.A.M. from 1929 – 1930.

While scanning these images I noticed something “magical”. Look at the page number below!

A picture I have not seen of Hardeen and Dr. A.M.Wilson standing under the Vaudeville marquee.

Coming up I will be starting a new series reviewing each issue of Houdini’s publication “Conjurers’ Monthly Magazine”.

6 thoughts on “One year after Houdini’s Death – The Sphinx October 1927 Featuring Hardeen

    1. It looks like it became the official organ in 1909. Houdini competed for the spot from 1906 through 1907 with Conjurers.


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